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About Me…

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I’m an oldest, a favorite, a daughter, a sister, a mother, someone’s ex-wife.
I’m obsessive, indecisive, creative, a hard worker.
I’m feeling blue today.

I learned early in my life (3rd grade) that I could draw. I won a couple of awards in Jr. High and high school, but I was raised in a small town and becoming an artist never crossed my mind. It never occurred to me that there was a life outside the tiny part of the country I lived in. Oh, if my 40 year old self could go back and talk to my 15 year old self, my life would be so different I’m certain I wouldn’t recognize the person I would have become.
I don’t have a lot of regrets in the life I’ve lived so far. I have a son, a family that loves me, friends I’d hide bodies for, and with the exception of one, I’ve loved every job I’ve ever had.
Two years ago I lost the job that molded me into the person I am today. It – the owner – helped me see the potential that was me. The real me. My true self. That I was capable, smart, driven, had a voice that could be used. He was also the man who fired me, but I thanked him, told him that if not for him or his belief in me, I would have been a different person. It was true.
After what seemed like a lifetime of 12 to 14 hour days, I decided I’d earned a break (at the ripe old age of thirty-nine0. So I didn’t look for work right away instead I decided to write. And, oh, the writing I did.
I wrote like I’d worked. Threw myself into it not because I had delusions of grandeur, simply because it was something I enjoyed and loved. Not to meet a deadline, or to get recognition, or for someone else, or a paycheck, but something that brought me joy in a way few things in my life ever had.
I love to read, love the friendships formed and the places I go. I don’t have a genre of choice. All I need is someone to put pen to paper, to spin a good tale and I’m all in. 100%.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, I was feeling down. Funny how written word, even my own, makes me feel better.

Book Review: Covet – by J.R. Ward

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Covet  I can be call a lot of things, loyal is at the top of the list. I refused to read any vampire story or look at a vampire movie or T.V. show because nothing, and I mean nothing, could compare to the love I had for my sparkly vampires. Yes, I was one of the millions of grown women who loved Edward Cullen.  So when I came across J.R. Ward’s adult paranormal romance series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, it took me by surprise how fast I forgot about the timeless teen and fell in love with a more suitably aged group of supernatural beings. I can’t say that Wrath is my favorite, he may even be at the bottom of the list, but I am eagerly awaiting The King like the rest of the fans.

Okay, that’s my shout out for The BDB.

There are not many writers that I’ve found that write a second series that I like as much as the first one I happen to read. I’m not sure why that is, but I’m sure it goes back to loyalty. I read Covet because I’d read all the books in the BDB Series and also any author that I could find listed under: If you like The Black Dagger Brotherhood then… So I decided to give Ms. Wards second series a try. I originally read this story last year but I’m between books and decided to read them again because I’m a speed reader and when I’m not reading I’m spinning my own tale and after minimal sleep, and a handful of No-Doz, I tend to not remember like I use to in my younger year, not to mention I do what I call, skip-reading.

This year I decided I would do a better job at writing reviews. I’m always on the look out for a good book to read but until I find one I’ll re-read the ones I know I like instead of starting something I might like. I’m funny about my reading that way. So here’s my review on Covet.

I like that the story takes place in the same city as the BDB, it even as some of the same characters. One of the main characters, Marie Therese runs into Phury on her way out of bible study and his way into a NA meeting. Then there’s Trez, a shadow, who owns the club Marie Therese hooks at (that’s right, you fall in love and root for a prostitute). Marie-Therese has shown up in at least one BDB book, just a sentence or two.

So Jim Heron is a full time assassin working a side job in construction and he’s been chosen by Heaven and Hell to be the quarterback in the ultimate game, where whoever wins gets control of the earth. Seven souls have to be saved or not-saved. Jim’s fullbacks are Eddie and Adrian and while I do love Jim, I’m team Eddie all the way. He reminds me a little of Zadist. Jim’s first game is to help one, Vin diPietro make the right choice at a crossroad in his life. Jim’s a damn assassin, he takes life, not save it, but he’s a company man and once given an assignment he’s all in.  I hate to give away spoilers and so I try to stay away from the meat of the story but I wasn’t disappointed and while this story is not like the BDB, it still had the same dark gritty feel as Ms. Ward’s popular series. As each scene plays out in my head while I read it’s always dark, even when the description says it’s sunny out. The men are big and strong and tough, the women, just as bad ass, which I do love. There’s twist and turns, unexpected happenings and surprise reveals that keep you guessing and the end is as every fairy tale should be. Pick up or download a copy, you won’t regret it if paranormal romance is your thing.

The Sun Wolf

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The Sun Wolf Thumbnail  I love two thing, three if I include my son, but the other two are tied for second place and that’s reading and writing. The reading I’ve always loved, the writing is new – both are an obsession for me (unfortunately for my son).  There was a time I read anything: Toni Morrison, Ernest Gaines, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Harper Lee, Shakespeare and endless…countless, books that featured a bare-chested, flowing hair, Fabio and big busted women. This was what was laying around my house. Now…I’m all paranormal romance novels and as an acquaintance and fellow avid reader put it: I read smut.

But all things serves the beam and the beam started with Twilight, which lead to a ton of self publish authors who wrote young adult paranormal romances, which led to Fifty Shades of Grey, which led to my recent genre of choice.

I was like so many others that were obsessed with the sparkly vampires and held off on reading Fifty Shades for an entire year while the rest of the world got hooked on “mommy porn,” but I was still looking for that paranormal twist, because, lets face it, not matter how alpha-male Christian Grey is, he couldn’t take on werewolves, demons, vampires, angels- this list goes on and on. So I stumbled across an author, J.R. Ward. The book was Dark Lover and I thought it was okay- just okay. But then I read the second, followed by the third, and before I knew it, I’d stayed up 42 hours straight. That’s right, almost two days of none stop reading, I was finished with what she’d written of the series within the week, I think 8 books, and immediately started over again. By the time I was finished I was jonesing for another story, but money was tight, so I scoured Barnes and Noble website looking for a free download and found a book about some werewolves. The Blackdagger Brotherhood is a group of vampires but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, and so I downloaded my free book and started reading.

The first chapter was BAD, and not like Fifty Shades bad, but BAD as in challenged. I told my husband after the first chapter of Fifty that I thought a talented third grader had written it, but I pushed on and it became one of my favorite reads (I’ve read it several times). The werewolf story was so bad I finished, but the others in the series, which were also free, I couldn’t bring myself to put myself through that kind of torture. I mean, I’d already lost my job, I was depressed enough.  But it did inspire me to try my hand a writing a werewolf story.

I was working pretty much around the clock on the Lovers Series and in the middle of writing books two and three, or maybe three and four, I started with my paranormal book. Like almost every book I write, I had now idea what the story would be about. I had no beginning, middle or end. I just knew I wanted to give it a whirl. So I sat down at my computer and looked at the blank page until I got the first sentence and before long I had a decent word count, 80 thousand words or so. When I finished I couldn’t make myself do the meager editing that I do with my books, so I moved on to other things. About two or three weeks ago, I decided to write a part two to the werewolf story because in my research about werewolves I discovered that some country, or person, referred to werewolves as an evening wolf. Well, isn’t that a great title for a book? With only a title, I sat down and started writing, and behold,  a novel was born. Then I started on the third in the series but I hadn’t even edited or published the first. Gosh, I write too much. Anywhoo, I stopped writing and went back to where it all began, added about 20 thousand words, took out a couple of hundred, tweaked and fine-tuned, made book covers for both, part one and two, and today I uploaded the first story on Smashwords.

Crazy, I know.

Last year 25 thousand people downloaded my books. I’m not sure if all 25 thousand read my book, but I’m hopeful that at least half did. I have a few fans that email me and the reviews are mostly good if you don’t look at the ones about grammatical errors. I’ll apologize until I get it right or can afford an editor, until then it’s just me and boy, I think my writing is just fine. Not sure what that says about me, but there it is. Even so, the few ratings and emails are always such a treat for me because never in a million years would I have ever guessed that one day people would read something I wrote, hell, I wouldn’t have guessed I would write, and I never would have if I hadn’t lost my job, so thanks asshole who fired me. I don’t make much money from my books but whenever I receive a check all I can think about is Stephen King writing that if you write something, get paid money , and pay a bill with said money than you are…an author (couldn’t help mentioning him, I’m a HUGE fan).

So here’s to 2014, last year I wrote eight books. This year I’m shooting for less because I will either be on a book tour of my recently discovered best-selling novel, or I would have found some employment that will keep food on the table and a house over my head. Either one works.

As always, to those who read my books–THANK YOU–I only wish to write something worthy of your time.


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WriterIn little more than a year I’ve written 716,171 words That’s two short stories, six completed novels and the beginnings of six other books. I read and I write. It’s what brings me joy. I love a story, love telling one, love reading one.

I get up every morning around 6 AM and I go to bed around 12 AM. I start my day off by proofing or writing and end my day with reading or lying in bed trying to think of the next thing that should happen in one of the books I’m currently writing. It has become an addiction, an obsession. I’m considering going to meetings.

Per Stephen King, you should write two thousands words a day. I average five. Sometimes I’ve written as many as ten.

The books I write are all written from start to finished in about a week. One in as little as three days. I never know what I’m going to write when I sit down and I don’t stop until I’m tapped out. Most of the comments or reviews are good. People like the story, they hate the grammar and typos. DAMN YOU TYPOS! So do I. I apologize. My fingers can’t keep up with my mind and my grammar sucks. It’s how I talk (speak?)  I’m working on it.

I love to write. I love to read. I live for it.


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Lover at last

I was late to the game with this series. Didn’t know it existed until October 2012. I wonder how I thought my life was complete without it. I don’t know what made me pick up the first book, Dark Lover, and I don’t know what made me keep reading, since the first book is my least favorite, but by book two I was hooked. For one week I didn’t cook, I barely ate, I ignored my husband and forgot I had a child; while I read this series. My round reading chair was never the same after the week I spent in it. Craig Armstrong was the soundtrack I played to completely tune out the world around me so I could completely be taken away to the world of the BROTHERHOOD. I read sometimes for forty hours at a time.

My first “adult” romance was Fifty Shades, and my first paranormal book was Twilight, both made my all time favorite list…BEFORE I read J.R. Ward. There’s a toughness in the writing style that any woman who loves a good kung-fu or action flick will appreciate. I laughed, cried and wished my husband a damn vampire while I read it. I cheered and clapped for the good guys and booed the bad guys. It’s Snakes on a Plane, it’s Li Mu Bai, it’s John McClain, its… an indescribable fun to read and live.

I love a good movie and a good book. I live for both. I wouldn’t have thought I could have been touched by a gay love story before Brokeback Mountain, and I definitely never thought I’d be touched by gay love in the form of the written word until Lover At Last. Qhuinn and Blay was the ending I so desperately wanted for Ennis and Jack. This is definitely one of my favorites (Lover Reborn is my all time favorite).

The connection and yes, brotherhood, shared by the vampires in the books is real in a way people fortunate enough to have someone in their life that’s willing to hide a body for or with you will understand. I have a few of those of my own. I, along with many fans, sat around on bated breath as Qhuinn came to his damn senses and I don’t know about anyone else, but I damn near cried when they finally, at long last, were together. There’s a side story, which I would ordinarily hate, that I loved and now I can’t wait to find out how the newest characters story unfold. There is also the unfinished business of Layla and Xcor. If they don’t end up together I think I may have to write a not so nice letter to Ms. Ward. I love a happy ending and sometimes the bad guy has to win too.

Read this book, for the love of God, read this book. If you like adult paranormal romance it’s a must. I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you are, I have no problem saying, there’s something wrong with you.

p.s. I read this book twice within seventy hours. LOVED IT!

Book Review: The Pride Stories Series by Shelly Laurenston

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The Mane Event

Let me start off by saying I asked Facebook fans of THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD Series for suggestions while I eagerly await THE KING. I’m a huge fan…HUGE. Most of the suggestions were the same, and many I’d already read. From the Anita Blake Series (which I love-TEAM MICAH) to Lords of the Underworld (which I don’t love; hate being too strong a word when talking about books). Almost all of the suggestions I’d read already and I agreed with 95% percent of them in regards to each book offering entertainment while my “real” reason for living was being put to paper by the talented Ms. J.R. Ward.


I’d never heard of Shelly Laurenston in the two years since my life has become consumed by adult paranormal romance. I specifically asked for something that had the same writing style as the BDB series and if you’ve read the book, you understand what I’m talking about. It’s comical and tough. I call J.R. Ward the Sam Jackson of writers. You can’t help but laugh every time the man says motherf*@ker, but at the same time you know he’ll stomp a hole in your ass. Well the comment that made me download THE MANE EVENT said the books would make you laugh.

Let me say, that the style is not the same, but those loyal, eagerly awaiting fans won’t care, you’ll be too busy wiping tears from your eyes and holding your sides while getting kicked out of bed at two in the morning by your husband because you just can’t stop laughing.

I read this series the same as I read every one I find and enjoy-FAST. By the end of the week I didn’t have anything to read…again. But I had fun. FUN. There’s action, some suspense, the human characters are okay. It’s the shifters that make the book. There’s a comical element that gets better and better with each one. Eventually any realism is thrown to the wayside and the read is fiction at it’s best. You’ll enjoy each book like your favorite cartoon. The shenanigans carried on by the shifter men and women will have you…howling with laughter. I could care less about the danger/action element, it’s all back story for me. Give me the buffoonery of shifter males any day. READ THESE BOOK. Enjoy them like a good mindless action movie. It does exactly what I think all books should do; take you from the mundane of everyday, to a place you never want to leave. And you’ll be laughing the whole time you’re there. 

And if you’re looking for a good substitute for J.R. Ward. Read Larissa Ione, hell, I think they’re the same person.

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