In the beginning…

My love of books go way back. I don’t remember my first story and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like to be taken away from the regular world to the places between the covers of a good book. I have many favorites and while for a long time I didn’t have a genre I was influenced early by romance novels (it’s what my mother read).  There were many paperbacks in my house that featured covers with windblown hair, a bare-chested Fabio and a big busted woman. There was also, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Ernest Gaines, Langston Hughes and James Baldwin.

My mother read to my sisters and I and passed on her own love of the written word. So if I should ever make it big she will be the one that I thank.

My first book was an attempt to write a young adult paranormal romance novel. It took about a year to write. I read and reread it no fewer than a dozen times and re-wrote it three times before I posted it on Smashwords. It’s pretty good, according to the few that have reviewed it. I’m glad they liked it. I had fun writing it. One day I’ll finish with book two.

My favorite writer is Stephen King. But right now my favorite book was written by J.R. Ward, Lover Reborn. I am a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. There are many books that are included on my list of favorites and I don’t seem to be constant when it comes to genres, there is something appealing in every one of them. I just like a good story.

Like the rest of the world I was caught up in the whirlwind known as Fifty Shades of Grey, which is how I ended up writing adult romance. Funny how you write what you read. In one month I wrote two books, both longer than my first book and both better. Not a better story but better writing. It’s a classic case of practice makes perfect.

I may never find fame and fortune but I will always like a good story and right now I like the ones that pop up in my head each morning. If I’m lucky so will you.


~ by mrsericwells on March 7, 2013.

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