The Odin Books

BlueFullMoon  About a month back I read a werewolf story I’d downloaded free from B&N. I’m a vampire girl at heart – or at least I thought I was. I was one of the zillion people who were hooked on Twilight (Team Edward) but has since moved on to the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Team Thorment).

Anyway, the book was really bad. Or at least I thought it was. So bad I thought to myself – self- you can do better than that. So I sat down and started tying. I don’t know how it is for others who write, and I certainly can’t begin to imagine what’s it like for the people who write best selling novels, but when I sit down to write sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write. And it was like that with my werewolf book. I only knew that I thought I could do a better job than the book I’d read (A popular and liked book I might add).

After the first few struggling minutes I was well on my way. I got stuck 16,000 words in and decided to change the course, found a better story I liked  and like every book I’ve written I was done in about a week. I write like I read, I don’t stop until I’m finished. It helps that I’m between jobs right now and can focus my full attention on honing this new found craft. I’m feeling a bit like the monkey whose been given the typewriter and I eagerly await my Shakespearean worthy novel.

Anywho, I wrote the book and then didn’t want to proof it and moved on to a second novel that I’d started and didn’t finish last summer. When I finished with it, I moved on to yet a third incomplete novel and finished that one – better known as Strong Lovers. When I finished that one I had an idea about a side character that was in the as yet still unproofed first werewolf story and started  writing – you guessed it – a thrid book. While writing that story I decided to revisit the failed and forgotten attempt on the first werewolf book and decided what the fuck – I’d finish it too.

I’m addicted and a bit of a lost cause. The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem and I have a big one. I love to write.

I also like to ramble. A thousand apologies. I’ll get back to the point.

The Odin Books.

I like when people give new twist on legend. I named my son after an Egyptian god after reading Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. So after one failed attempt and a second more promising story came along I found myself at the point where I needed to explain where my werewolf had come from. I like to read and love folklore and fairy-tales and while I could have just left the whole were did they come from back story alone I decided that I would indeed come up with something. So my hunt for the origin of the werewolf began and in my hunt I came across Odin and his wolves Geri and Freki. After coming up with what I hope is a pretty good legend of the werewolf I finished the book, knew instantly there was more to come but not necessarily a series, and The Odin Books was born.

I am almost finished with the first short story, which was really the first failed attempt at the first book and I will be creating a cover and putting it on line by week’s end if I’m lucky. Then I’ll be finishing up with the second short story and putting it online before going back to the book.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I don’t get a new idea between now and then. But with me – who knows.


~ by mrsericwells on June 5, 2013.

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