Lover at last

I was late to the game with this series. Didn’t know it existed until October 2012. I wonder how I thought my life was complete without it. I don’t know what made me pick up the first book, Dark Lover, and I don’t know what made me keep reading, since the first book is my least favorite, but by book two I was hooked. For one week I didn’t cook, I barely ate, I ignored my husband and forgot I had a child; while I read this series. My round reading chair was never the same after the week I spent in it. Craig Armstrong was the soundtrack I played to completely tune out the world around me so I could completely be taken away to the world of the BROTHERHOOD. I read sometimes for forty hours at a time.

My first “adult” romance was Fifty Shades, and my first paranormal book was Twilight, both made my all time favorite list…BEFORE I read J.R. Ward. There’s a toughness in the writing style that any woman who loves a good kung-fu or action flick will appreciate. I laughed, cried and wished my husband a damn vampire while I read it. I cheered and clapped for the good guys and booed the bad guys. It’s Snakes on a Plane, it’s Li Mu Bai, it’s John McClain, its… an indescribable fun to read and live.

I love a good movie and a good book. I live for both. I wouldn’t have thought I could have been touched by a gay love story before Brokeback Mountain, and I definitely never thought I’d be touched by gay love in the form of the written word until Lover At Last. Qhuinn and Blay was the ending I so desperately wanted for Ennis and Jack. This is definitely one of my favorites (Lover Reborn is my all time favorite).

The connection and yes, brotherhood, shared by the vampires in the books is real in a way people fortunate enough to have someone in their life that’s willing to hide a body for or with you will understand. I have a few of those of my own. I, along with many fans, sat around on bated breath as Qhuinn came to his damn senses and I don’t know about anyone else, but I damn near cried when they finally, at long last, were together. There’s a side story, which I would ordinarily hate, that I loved and now I can’t wait to find out how the newest characters story unfold. There is also the unfinished business of Layla and Xcor. If they don’t end up together I think I may have to write a not so nice letter to Ms. Ward. I love a happy ending and sometimes the bad guy has to win too.

Read this book, for the love of God, read this book. If you like adult paranormal romance it’s a must. I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you are, I have no problem saying, there’s something wrong with you.

p.s. I read this book twice within seventy hours. LOVED IT!


~ by mrsericwells on September 10, 2013.

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