Book Review: The Pride Stories Series by Shelly Laurenston

The Mane Event

Let me start off by saying I asked Facebook fans of THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD Series for suggestions while I eagerly await THE KING. I’m a huge fan…HUGE. Most of the suggestions were the same, and many I’d already read. From the Anita Blake Series (which I love-TEAM MICAH) to Lords of the Underworld (which I don’t love; hate being too strong a word when talking about books). Almost all of the suggestions I’d read already and I agreed with 95% percent of them in regards to each book offering entertainment while my “real” reason for living was being put to paper by the talented Ms. J.R. Ward.


I’d never heard of Shelly Laurenston in the two years since my life has become consumed by adult paranormal romance. I specifically asked for something that had the same writing style as the BDB series and if you’ve read the book, you understand what I’m talking about. It’s comical and tough. I call J.R. Ward the Sam Jackson of writers. You can’t help but laugh every time the man says motherf*@ker, but at the same time you know he’ll stomp a hole in your ass. Well the comment that made me download THE MANE EVENT said the books would make you laugh.

Let me say, that the style is not the same, but those loyal, eagerly awaiting fans won’t care, you’ll be too busy wiping tears from your eyes and holding your sides while getting kicked out of bed at two in the morning by your husband because you just can’t stop laughing.

I read this series the same as I read every one I find and enjoy-FAST. By the end of the week I didn’t have anything to read…again. But I had fun. FUN. There’s action, some suspense, the human characters are okay. It’s the shifters that make the book. There’s a comical element that gets better and better with each one. Eventually any realism is thrown to the wayside and the read is fiction at it’s best. You’ll enjoy each book like your favorite cartoon. The shenanigans carried on by the shifter men and women will have you…howling with laughter. I could care less about the danger/action element, it’s all back story for me. Give me the buffoonery of shifter males any day. READ THESE BOOK. Enjoy them like a good mindless action movie. It does exactly what I think all books should do; take you from the mundane of everyday, to a place you never want to leave. And you’ll be laughing the whole time you’re there. 

And if you’re looking for a good substitute for J.R. Ward. Read Larissa Ione, hell, I think they’re the same person.


~ by mrsericwells on September 10, 2013.

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