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Friends and lovers 1 copy Did I know when I started writing the book to be titled “Lovers” that I had four in me? Not no…but, hell no. What I do know is that I got an idea, and three days later I had the first book and I’ve had fun writing each and every last one of them. As I wrapped up the loose ends of the evil Lilith St. James, I thought to myself…self…we’re still not finished with this story and so I began the fifth book. WHO KNEW!!!

To everyone who have sent me emails, or commented on the books…THANK YOU. Good, bad or ugly, every word is always taken to heart as I only want to create something truly worthy of a person’s time. I continue to struggle with grammar, typo’s and what not and even re-reading the first three books-again, I was amazed to find there were still errors to be found. GOSH, EDITING and PROOFING IS HARD. One day I will spend the extra money to have someone do it for me, because as one of my best friends pointed out, “it’s hard to find your own errors.”


Mad props to the people who write series. I had a hard time keeping track of so many things, which is why I had to go back and re-read the first three books. I recently moved from California to Alabama and the only thing that made the trek across country was what could fit in my car. My husband made fun of me for printing out manuscripts and, with red pen in hand, correcting them and they were the first to go when I had to thin out stuff or leave him and my son in our old apartment. I could have wrung his neck when I realized I didn’t remember if Jamie, a pretty minor character, had been described in detail. This newest book has a lot more of Jamie and I liked the idea of having a redhead. I kept my fingers crossed and went on the hunt. She had not, and I was able to keep the character as I pictured her.  I now have a spiral notebook that someone will have to pry form my cold dead hands before I get rid of it and I will, of course, also create a file on my computer, but there is so many old fashions things that I love and paper is one of them.

First chapter is posted under the My Books widget and if you have time take a gander. Copy is free as of 9/1/2013 on Smashwords and after that, anywhere that Smashwords work with in distributing the books, Apple, Sony, Kobo, B&N and so on.

Thanks again for reading my work, for those of you that keep reading it, YOU ROCK! I am always humbled and so very appreciative and for those of you that are new to it. WELCOME.


The Odin Books

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BlueFullMoon  About a month back I read a werewolf story I’d downloaded free from B&N. I’m a vampire girl at heart – or at least I thought I was. I was one of the zillion people who were hooked on Twilight (Team Edward) but has since moved on to the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Team Thorment).

Anyway, the book was really bad. Or at least I thought it was. So bad I thought to myself – self- you can do better than that. So I sat down and started tying. I don’t know how it is for others who write, and I certainly can’t begin to imagine what’s it like for the people who write best selling novels, but when I sit down to write sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write. And it was like that with my werewolf book. I only knew that I thought I could do a better job than the book I’d read (A popular and liked book I might add).

After the first few struggling minutes I was well on my way. I got stuck 16,000 words in and decided to change the course, found a better story I liked  and like every book I’ve written I was done in about a week. I write like I read, I don’t stop until I’m finished. It helps that I’m between jobs right now and can focus my full attention on honing this new found craft. I’m feeling a bit like the monkey whose been given the typewriter and I eagerly await my Shakespearean worthy novel.

Anywho, I wrote the book and then didn’t want to proof it and moved on to a second novel that I’d started and didn’t finish last summer. When I finished with it, I moved on to yet a third incomplete novel and finished that one – better known as Strong Lovers. When I finished that one I had an idea about a side character that was in the as yet still unproofed first werewolf story and started  writing – you guessed it – a thrid book. While writing that story I decided to revisit the failed and forgotten attempt on the first werewolf book and decided what the fuck – I’d finish it too.

I’m addicted and a bit of a lost cause. The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem and I have a big one. I love to write.

I also like to ramble. A thousand apologies. I’ll get back to the point.

The Odin Books.

I like when people give new twist on legend. I named my son after an Egyptian god after reading Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. So after one failed attempt and a second more promising story came along I found myself at the point where I needed to explain where my werewolf had come from. I like to read and love folklore and fairy-tales and while I could have just left the whole were did they come from back story alone I decided that I would indeed come up with something. So my hunt for the origin of the werewolf began and in my hunt I came across Odin and his wolves Geri and Freki. After coming up with what I hope is a pretty good legend of the werewolf I finished the book, knew instantly there was more to come but not necessarily a series, and The Odin Books was born.

I am almost finished with the first short story, which was really the first failed attempt at the first book and I will be creating a cover and putting it on line by week’s end if I’m lucky. Then I’ll be finishing up with the second short story and putting it online before going back to the book.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I don’t get a new idea between now and then. But with me – who knows.

Strong Lovers

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Johns story copyI am finished with the third installment to the Lovers Series.  There was a method behind the madness when I first start writing this series. I think. Okay-maybe there wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that it was only suppose to be one but  grew to  the possibly of three book and ended up four. The original idea being to write stories about all the men that came together to help save Elaina from the wicked Mr. De La Cruz, Wesley Adams and John Chambers.

The problem started with the appearance of Manny Santoya, the brother of one of the assassins hired by Mr. De La Cruz to kill Christian and Malachi. Manny was suppose to be a side character and ended up a main one that actually saved Elaina from a new threat instead of causing chaos in the trio’s happy life. Who knew?

Well I still had to write about John and Wesley so book three came to life that started life as Untitled: John’s Story. I started strong with a lovely opening showing John in his element as a special forces-type assassin and his growing affection with Brittney. There were some unexpected twist and turns and even I was surprised.

The book has a 1986 Dynasty cliff-hanger ending. You know the one, when the whole family were at the wedding and gunmen came in and shot the whole place up and you had to wait until the next season to find out who was dead. Well that’s how my book ends.

I am averaging about a book a month-okay, I lie- two books a month, but I’m going to have to take a break because I am moving from California to Alabama in the month of June and will need to spend my full attention and all my time on gearing up on a trek across the country. So I will hopefully be finished with August of 2013. Unless something spectacular happen and I can stay in Cali.

Last but certainly not least – thanks every and anyone who takes time to read the books I write. I only hope to be deserving of your time.



Revisions A Lover’s Touch

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A Lovers Touch Bookcovertwitter Hour 34 in my sleepless night of proofing my books. I’ve re-read and uploaded the revisions to the first two books in the Lovers Series. I don’t think No-Doze and coffee can help me now

Still need to proof the third installment. I’m about to go look for toothpicks to stick in my eyelids.

Lovers revisions

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I’m am almost done with the third installment of the Lovers series. loversI don’t have a title yet or a book cover but it’s a week or so away from completion. The number one complaint on the first book was that it needed better proofing. I did two re-reads but in my excitement I missed a lot. I will blame it on lack of sleep. I wrote the story in three days and re-read it in one and posted it because it had been so much fun to write and I was eager to share the story with anyone willing to read it.

The second installment, A Lover’s Touch, will be revised today and hopefully uploaded to Smashwords no later than Sunday, May 2nd, 2013. That’s if I can get it done before the new Crossfire novel is released. I’m current in my 24th waking hour and eye-balling my bottle of Jet-Alert like a motherf**cker.

To the many people who read the sub-par copy of Lovers I can only offer my apologies but I promise I’ll do better on the third installment. My intentions were good. I don’t know how long it will take to get the new revised copy on the many sites Smashwords partners with but if you’re like me and you re-read your books please go to Smashwords and download a new one.

As always thank you for taking time out of your life to read my work.

Olivia B. Leigh

A poem for…

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A story of pleasures untold and promises never made

The secret truth of a love never ending told over and over each time you touch me

The feeling of countless butterflies

 That take flight in my stomach

As I lay in sweet nirvana each night in your arms

And a passion that burn bright

Like a million fireflies that light a hot summer’s night


Endless tears shed while whispered prayers fall from my lips

Lay unanswered in a puddle around my feet

In the ocean of sadness where

I ride each wave of black desperation

Where death is my only salvation


I yearn for a kind word

your touch, your hands, your mouth

In the abyss that has become my life since I have met you

Before and After

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Touched copy touched

I love art. I’m am a nonpracticing artist. Or should I say, was a nonpracticing one. I am one of those people who judge a book by it’s cover, or was, I’ve since grown out of that. I never would have read Black Dagger Brotherhood if I’d gone off the covers alone.

Like writing my book cover making skills have improved. I am currently working on making my first book trailer. I’ve learned from experience, I’ll make several before I make a final decision and post one. The last will be the best, I’m certain of it.

I am as  proud of my covers as I am the books that I write.

JA Huss

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