Strong Lovers

Johns story copy

Chapter One

He circumvented the alarm system and downed the power and communication lines before entering darkness and silence that held hands like old friends. John made his way through the hallways of a mansion so big he needed a damn map to navigate.  Three people made up the family that lived here. Why the hell they needed twenty four thousand square feet was anyone’s guess.

The client was the little missus of the house and the master of said residence had started getting touchy feely with his sixteen year old stepdaughter. The woman found out, sent her daughter to boarding school halfway across the globe and hired John to take his ass out. He’d never met any of these people but his file was thorough. The client looked more like a sister to her daughter than a mother. She’d been young when she married her very wealthy husband. John bet she couldn’t believe her good fortune in snagging the man. She was working in a diner when he found her. The courtship had been brief, within three months she had already moved into his estate and within six she was Mrs. Jonathon Langston. It took eight months for the real Jonathon to make an appearance.

Jonathon Marshall Langston was a drug lord and weapons dealer in addition to a pedophile. John didn’t know how long it took Naomi Langston to find out about the things that was going on right under her nose but according to his sources sixteen was a little old for Johnny boy and word on the streets was the girl was welcoming dear old dad into her bedroom. Was this a case of an old man taken advantage of a young girl? Had he spent years manipulating his way into her heart before taking her bed? Or had what started out as abuse ended up turning into some strange and bizarre love for the girl, maybe even the man. Cell phone records showed the girl calling her stepfather’s phone—the second one—the one that little wifey had no idea about.

In the month that John had followed his mark the man had already made a trip to that fancy boarding school and the photos that he had back in his hotel sure as shit didn’t show the man forcing himself on the girl. He didn’t even think about telling his client about what he’d found out. He was sickened by it. He didn’t give a damn how the relationship had come about. Hell, someone should have had a little loyalty to the tiny woman who hired him.

The carpet was damn near ankle deep and John didn’t make a sound as he walked towards the bedroom door. It wouldn’t have made a difference if it was hardwood or tile John wouldn’t have made a sound anyway. He was good at what he did. He’d been doing it a long time. He opened the bedroom door and the only light was the moonlight coming in through the glass of the French doors and floor to ceiling windows. The moonlight made everything monotone.

The room was as big as John’s entire apartment. John always wondered why people had bedrooms big enough to have living room furniture in it. Did they entertain in it? The large bed sat opposite the door and there was a full size overstuffed sofa and two straight back chairs to the left of it. A low coffee table and a smaller table in the middle of the two chairs completed the sitting area. There was a large desk and chair on the opposite wall and twin armoires big enough to fit Mini Coopers in on the wall opposite the bed. The bedside tables had two overstuffed chairs on either side of them. And you still had enough room to park a couple of full sized sedans in the room. Good God, who needed this kind of room?

John didn’t bother with closing the door. He wasn’t planning on being long. The woman wanted it to look like natural causes. Smart. John had a feeling that maybe mom was a little suspicious of the blossoming relationship between her husband and daughter. Maybe even started to think she was even going to be replaced when the girl was of age. Didn’t matter, the woman didn’t want to be suspected of foul play and good old Johnny had heart problems. Tomorrow morning it’d look like a heart attack.

Naomi Langston was conveniently away visiting her daughter. What she didn’t know was John also checked her out and he highly suspected the woman would take over. More power to her. Naomi may have come in with her eyes shut but they were wide open now. He’d never spoken to the woman personally but he’d seen her from afar a few times and the woman could be quite…aggressive. She ruled over the bodyguards and staff like a damn dictator.

There were two bodies in the bed. The girl sleeping next to Jonathon Langston was so small her slight body disappeared under the thick folds of the comforter on the bed but John knew she was. He’d watched her being dropped off earlier today. She looked young, a runaway John thought but she could be a very young looking adult for all he knew. It didn’t matter, she wasn’t his concern. She was going to wake up next to a very dead trick in the morning. That is, if she slept through the next couple of minutes. He thought that she would. She was pretty wasted and probably more passed out than sleeping. Whatever she was John needed her to stay that way until his job was done. The missus didn’t just want her husband dead, she wanted him to know why he was dying. John saw bright things in her future if she should decide to take over the man’s business. She was one cold-hearted bitch.

He removed the gun from its holster and woke Jonathon up with the sound of the hammer being pulled back. He had to hand it to the man he was quick. John would have loved to have stopped the man by bashing his face in with the butt of his gun but he couldn’t leave any signs of a struggle. Instead he pressed the muzzle of the gun firmly into his chest.

“Don’t move.”

The man stopped immediately. “How the hell did you get in my house?”

John rolled his eyes and sighed, “Through the front door. Now get up.”

Jonathon looked over at the girl lying next to him or tried to. She really was tiny.

“She’s knocked out and won’t remember a thing in the morning,” he said. “I’m not going to ask you again. The next sound you’re going to hear is a gunshot if you don’t get your ass out of the bed.”

John gave the man some room to swing his legs out of the bed. He was naked.  “Over there,” John said, nodding his head to one of the chairs.

“I don’t know how much you’re getting paid but I’ll triple it.”

“Have a seat,” John said. This was a good enough reason not to have a sitting area in your bedroom; it made it too easy for an assassin to get comfortable right up in your personal space.

Jonathon sat down and put his hands on the armrest. He looked comfortable and calm. Good, it would make John’s job a lot easier. Although the calm may not hold, people tend to get jumpy when they realize they’re about to meet their maker. John took a needle out of his pocket. This one was going to put Mr. Langston to sleep. The long sleep.

“We can do this one of two ways. I can shoot you,” John said holding up the needle, “Or I can shoot you,” he said moving the gun from the man’s chest and pointing it at his head. “Either way is fine with me.”

“Quadruple it,” Jonathon Langston said. He was looking a little nervous but not scared…yet. John gave him brownie points for bravery. Too bad he was in the negative from the pedophilia.

“I’m going to inject you with this and you’re going to go to sleep,” John said. Instantly the man sitting in the chair relaxed. John knew he would. The man had gone from thinking he was going to die to thinking he was being kidnapped. Good for John not so much for Jonathon.

He didn’t waste time he moved quick throwing his forearm across Jonathon Langston chest, high at shoulder level. “This is from the little missus for fucking her baby,” John hissed in his ear as he pressed the plunger. John watched the realization of what was really happening widen Jonathon Langston eyes right before his body started to convulse. It took him three minutes to die. John picked up the body and put it back in the bed. He left the room, reconnected everything and hot footed it across the yard.

The bag he’d left was still in the same spot in the wooded area that surrounded the house. He buried the syringe before taking off the mask and black jacket he wore. The backpack had three changes of clothes and his wallet in it. He stuffed the jacket in the bag and replaced it with a plaid flannel shirt and shouldered the bag. He walked out the way he came. His car was still in the same place. Once it’d been towed. He had to walk about ten miles before he got to a phone. That had really fucking sucked. It made for a good story though. Wesley brought it up every time he got drunk.

He threw the bag in the trunk after getting the keys from one of the outside pockets and got in the car. He drove off without a second thought of the fucked up Langston family. He was headed to his own family of sorts. He’d told Wesley it’d take him one or two days, it’d taken a damn week. As far as he was concerned that was reason enough to kill the bastard. John turned on the radio. It was three in the morning where he was headed. No reason to call and wake anyone he’d be there by ten.


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